~ The first story is now out! ~

The First Story: The Tower, the Kid and the Dog

"Lurking in the shadows does one no good, intrepid one."

"Come, come close, and read the cards that will guide your path."

"In the winds, I have heard rumors even I cannot decipher..."

Here, anyone who loves stories and puzzles can read, make and share interactive adventures.

No need to join or register. If you're interested, just try it!

Stories in the main serie all revolves around the seer, a mysterious person who guides the reader with the help of the Lenormand tarot deck.

As you discover the story, you will understand the meaning of the seer's cards.
The cards' interpretation is based on the real Lenormand tarot.

A custom banner is awarded to each reader who reaches the end of a story in the main serie.

All main stories are illustrated and come with a complete guide.

Storymakers and collaborators make stories and have their own custom banner.

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The Guildmaster

kijuaki is not really an artist and not really a writer, but really likes stories

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